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76% of CIOs Say It Could Become Impossible to Manage Digital Performance



Dynatrace, a software intelligence company, today announced the findings of a survey on digital performance. The survey, which had 800 CIOs as respondents, revealed that 76% of businesses think that the complexity of IT could make it difficult to manage digital performance efficiently. The research also shows that IT is getting very complex by the day; five years ago, a single transaction crossed just 22 different systems, today a similar transaction crosses an average of 35 components.

The rapid adoption of technology in the last few years has contributed to the growth of IT. This use is set to spike as 53% of CIOs plan to invest in more technologies in the next 12 months. Technologies that CIOs will adopt in those 12 months, according to the research, include containers (86%), microservices (88%), and multi-cloud (95%).

The increasing complexity of technology has forced IT staff to increase their costs to an average of £2 million annually. Additionally, IT teams use about 29% of their time solving challenges facing digital performance. In their search for a solution to these problems, 81% of the respondents believe that AI will play a crucial role in mastering the increasing complexity of IT.

The survey also identified challenges that businesses encounter when transitioning to cloud-native architecture and multi-cloud ecosystems. These findings include:

• 76% of CIOs say monitoring and understanding the effect that cloud services have on user-experience is very difficult and time consuming.

• 72% say the performance of microservices is close to impossible to monitor.

• 84% of the respondents say understanding the effect of the dynamic nature of container is hard.

• 72% feel that installing monitoring for various cloud environments is time-consuming.

• 80% of the respondents have a hard time mapping the effect technical metrics of digital performance has on their organisations.

• The top challenges CIOs faced with managing containers and microservices are recognizing service interactions and dependencies and performance monitoring.

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