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Flytxt and Smaato Announce Hook-Up, Aim to Increase ROI on Mobile Ad Delivery



Announcing earlier today a new calculated partnership with US-based company Smaato, Flytxt looks to be expanding beyond its current roll as a provider of Big Data Analytics (BDA) solutions to Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Smaarto are themselves responsible for the world’s largest independent real-time bidding (RTB) mobile ad exchange.

Giving CSPs the power to better profit from their insight, Flytxt’s monetization service mADmart will work closely with Smaato’s ad exchange to capitalise on its wealth of connections to 100 ad networks and more than 170 mobile DSPs. This ad exchange includes access to many of the world’s largest brands, from ESPN CricInfo to Times Internet Limited.

Ajitpal Pannu Chief Strategy Officer for Smaato, claimed to be “delighted to partner with Flytxt,” and delighted to be able to extend their “expertise in mobile ad monetization and Supply Side Platform.’ Citing their powerful grid of publishers and extensive, global, and diverse ad inventory, Pannu went on to say, “we believe Flytxt can generate significant ad monetization opportunities for their CSP customers.”

The Vice President of Products and Marketing at Flytxt, Abhay Doshi, observed that as the adoption of data, and the propagation of digital services continues to increase, ‘CSPs need to collaborate in a deeper way in the Over the Top (OTT) service domain to generate value for the OTT players and consumer using their core assets.’

Mr Doshi reemphasised Flytxt’s commitment to generating innovative revenue streams for the CSPs they serve by optimising the monetisation of assets. The unique opportunities of the partnership were elaborated upon: “We can combine our platform’s data analytics capabilities and Smaato’s publisher reach to serve relevant ads to CSPs’ customers, thus utilising their insights effectively and enhancing customer experience.”

The wide-ranging publisher network that Smaato covers, with 78,000 publishers and 450M unique users, will widen and simplify advertisers’ access to international audiences, whilst Flytxt’s data can draw on accurate demographic and behavioural insights to increase the relevance of adverts.

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