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How Can Organisations Accelerate the Business App Development Cycle?



There’s an app for that. And if there isn’t one, there should be! There has been a surge, in recent years, of companies leaping on the app creation band-wagon in order to enjoy the subsequent surge in profits that come with offering products and services in a more user friendly and immediate package. But some businesses are still behind when it comes to creating and rolling out an app for their customers to use: why are they delaying?

There are a number of reasons:

The first is cost. Budgets for app creation begin at about £250,000 and can go as high as into the million pound mark – which is a lot of money to find for an entirely new service platform, which will need, usually, to be built from scratch. Even if projections are for a successful and profitable uptake, the money must still be allocated and ring-fenced, as well as insurance obtained against the possibility of something going wrong.

Platform integration can be an issue too. Choosing whether to go for a mobile app or one that could be laptop friendly is one decision that needs to be made: plus the app will need to be compatible with Android and Apple smartphones and devices, and Microsoft tablets and laptops.

The final major hurdle facing any business looking to provide an app is the lengthy development times. It can take between six months and one year for an app to be ready for the public to download it and begin to use. With technological advances surging – as they have for about the last forty years – and changing within months, sometimes weeks, it can be hard to justify an enormous cash investment in something that may well be obsolete before it is ever released to the public.

However, solutions are at hand, and even now, tech gurus are working on low code solutions that will allow ‘off the peg’ apps to be designed in mere days and ready to use in a much shorter time frame and for a much more economical price.

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