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How to Ride the AI Mega Wave



The past years leading up to 2017 have heard some huge transformative effects on the rise of Artificial Intelligence. With most tech giants such as Facebook, Google, Apple, and other competing firms all spending ridiculous amounts of money in the acquisition of AI start-up companies. This Mega companies have since realized the importance of having this top-notch AI projects in their grasp, since in the near future, AI is set to have a huge impact in our social and economic welfare, revolutionizing all corners of society including how we live, learn, travel, shop, and work. With most businesses now striving to ensure that they too are not left behind in this wave, they too are setting standards and putting adequate measures in place in leading the way forward.

With future optimistic observations showing how Artificial Intelligence will shape the many areas in our lives, research has since shown that one of the most affected areas that will experience a profound change in the workplace. Research has shown that within the next three years, AI will have changed the way many jobs operate, having an impact on 87% of employed workers. For many businesses, managing this coming transition to a seamlessly integrated future workplace remains a gigantic task.

When it comes to the adoption and development of the AI technology, the biggest hurdle remains the huge shortage of qualified staff to smoothly help in the acceleration of this process. A recent analysis from job sites in the UK alone have indicated that suitable applicants do not match the level of job openings in AI. With the number of these roles in the UK rising by a staggering 485% since 2014.

To curb this, businesses now need to focus on in house building by looking internally, and pour their investments in training and upskilling their existing workforce to become comfortable with the basics of AI before better focusing their hiring resources on expert or specialized individuals.

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