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Is Your Sales Team Trolling Your Customers?



A study on brand marketing carried out in recent months leading to 2017 show how increasingly difficult it has become for different brands to stand out due to many consumers being bombarded by marketing messages, either from within, or outside a business environment. Since most businesses and companies want their marketing messages to be memorable, effective, and more impressionable, even sales staff have now embarked on troll messages leading customers to abandon loyalty to certain brands and move to similar or competing products.

Studies have shown that the best way of getting customer attention is through emotions. While each and every consumer has a unique set of emotional associations, sales teams nonetheless understand how emotions inform consumer decisions through their different linked associations. For example, most consumers like the feeling of positive emotions like pride, connection, and happiness in connecting with a particular brand or product, while a majority would totally dislike any negative emotions like sadness, fear, or regret linked to a particular brand or product, so understanding emotion makes it easier for sales teams to plan their marketing strategies based on the little information they share with consumers.

How Trolling Works

The goal here is usually to create and share controversial content about a certain product in the market in form of an advert, either as a tweet on social media, a video or even memes which have become very popular and fast trending, and which can reach customers faster and quickly stir up conflict drawing attention to the post. This cuts up through the noise very easily since the whole idea is for it to become viral.

Other staff members will directly troll consumers about different products and their disadvantages through very intense roasting, making it become even more difficult for managers and business owners struggling to know where to draw the line.
Effective trolling of customers by staff members can make a brand get some huge following, but serious mistakes made can easily kill the brand image leading to self-implosion.

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