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Top SEO Tips for Job Seekers 2017: YOU are the Brand



Competition for jobs is fiercer than ever, but establishing yourself as a brand helps search engines and recruiters to find you. It’s the perfect opportunity to empower yourself, using SEO to create your own career personality across multiple channels.

Expanding Your Profile

Linkedin is ideal if you’re an executive, but gain an advantage by installing a professional photograph. Ensure your headline contains strong keywords to emphasise your skills to enable recruiters to locate you. Linkedin ranks high in organic searches so make your name part of your URL, linking effectively to your other social media sites. Creating a personal blog or website to detail your talents and achievements will establish you as a brand.

Enhance Your Profile

Your website and CV should include social media links to improve your SEO ranking as you create a streamlined personal brand. Make sure you remove any inappropriate data that you don’t want potential employers to see. However, the only place to keep your profile completely accessible is Linkedin. Video is becoming massively important in online searches so include a concise video CV to highlight your career successes. To rank highly with Google’s YouTube, include a meta-description and strong keywords.

Building a Network

Capitalise on your SEO effectiveness by establishing your brand through links between your website and others. Immediately improve your SEO ranking with links shared amongst your family and friends before adding new contacts found at networking events. Try to engage in conversations, keep hold of business cards and further the connections on social media sites. Even when you’re successful in gaining a new job, keep your personal brand flourishing with occasional posts and new contacts for the future.

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