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A Fence, a Guard Dog, a Patrolling Drone: But Have You Left the Back Door Open?



In spite of installing sophisticated security systems, many businesses unwittingly allow sensitive data to be left open to attack, mainly from third party vendors. As supportive partners supplying a variety of auxiliary applications and systems to a company’s infrastructure, third party vendors are generally trusted and allowed unlimited access to its IT network. Up to 65% of businesses are completely unaware of which vendors access their files. It’s similar to handing out a company’s front door key to scores of slight acquaintances.

The Risks

The relationship between a company and its third party vendors is complicated and has largely evolved from a position of mutual trust. The main risks arise from cyber criminals who pose as third party vendors in order to gain access to a company’s files. Unrestricted access provides the ideal opportunity for such activities as stealing data to pass unnoticed for months. Remarkably, during the last twelve months alone, 69% of executive professionals suspect their files have been breached by unwarranted third party access. Yet many businesses still fail to put systems in place that can prevent the risk of such activity.

Locking the Door

A business of average size can have up to ninety third party vendors accessing its network in just one week. To be unaware of which files they have visited and how often can only be viewed as irresponsible. Solutions are available that can minimise the danger of third party security breaches. Software can be quickly and easily installed to monitor and manage vendors, recording details of visits and allowing access only to appropriate areas of the network. It’s the only way to keep the back door closed.

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