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Inefficient Communications Costs UK Companies £8,000 per Employee per Year



A research completed by Opinium on behalf of Mitel has found that ineffective and substandard communication costs UK companies ₤ 8,000 per employee every year, and for a company of 500 employees up to ₤4m annually. According to findings discovered by opinium, it has come to light that only 9% of respondents interact regularly with helpful communication tools both inside and outside an organization, with workers spending an average of 40 hours at work every week and more than two-thirds of their workday in collaboration and communication. Yet each week they spend nearly an entire day in inefficient and substandard work practices.

Furthermore, other findings from the report suggest that employees lose on average another 20% of their workday in email correspondence, yet the other 80% believe the service to still hold some significance in its efficiency. 80% of workers under the age of 30 prefer the use of telephones at work to be more effective, while the other 44% of workers above the age of 40 choose email correspondence over all other communication methods in place.

From reliable survey results, traditional communication tools are over-relied upon which in turn costs modern businesses dearly resulting in annual losses. In today`s modern work environment, top management and IT departments need to create a transitional framework that will enable employees to freely and effectively communicate together at any time and from anywhere using all acceptable mobile electronic devices through one single interface creating flexibility and mobility at the work environment. This can be actualized by bringing audio and video in a single chat platform so that the employees can spend more time in productivity and less time trying to figure out how to connect.

Simon Skellon the VP of Mitel UK stated how It’s so ironic that the same tools that were initially developed to make communication easy and effective, are the same ones today holding back many businesses with inadequate communication and collaboration.

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