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Customer Experience Must be a Board Level Discussion



Customers have always been an integral component of shopkeeping and trade, but with a tremendous increase in multi-channel competition, businesses are more anxious than ever to provide the ultimate customer experience (CX). By the dawn of 2020, experts believe that 80% of customers are likely to prefer paying higher prices in return for increased respect and satisfaction. The introduction of a Chief Customer Experience Officer in many companies is proof of how seriously directors are prioritising this issue. Many boards are determined to place CX as a prime strategy throughout every department with CCEOs coordinating operations in three main areas.

1. Employee Awareness

Progressive businesses are actively seeking to become fully customer-centric with every department tailoring its operations to fall in line with providing excellent customer service. It is a process that can often take some time to instill in every employee as many, such as night-shift warehouse operatives, are not traditionally directly involved with customers.

2. CEO Involvement

Many CEOs and boardroom executives are eager to spend valuable time leading from the front by personally developing customer experience initiatives, ensuring that their companies provide unrivalled CX. Some CEOs are even showing remarkable foresight by actively voicing their objectives and concerns in public, endearing themselves to potential customers in the process.

3. New Technology

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are becoming essential technological components of retail. By engaging customers with innovative, immersive modes of shopping both in the High Street and via apps, businesses can keep ahead of their competitors. A company board with effective, imaginative leadership from the CEO, and the willingness to invest in a technological future, should benefit enormously from providing the ultimate customer experience.

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