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‘Pitiless Machines’ Will Kill Your Business If You Don’t Act Now



Servion Global Solutions warns business owners against not adopting the use of Pitiless Machines to save their businesses. According to the company, companies need to get ready for a massive inflow of Pitiless Machines into the customer services department. As the uptake of voice assistants and smart speakers continue to increase, customers are increasingly using this technology to shop for services and goods. Consumers also use this technology to get meaningful advice and information.

Servion Global Solutions foretells that by 2025, three-quarters of all client service interactions will happen on these platforms. The effects of voice speakers and smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa is currently being felt. These effects are prevalent in the screenless marketplace, thus posing fresh challenges for existing and new brands.

As these technologies and channels continue to evolve and expand their influence, Servion Global urges the companies to take the task of infusing virtual assistants and smart speakers, head-on. This technology is not loyal to a specific organization both in the pre and post-sales client experience. Failure to adopt this technology might lead your business to be outdone by your competitors.

There is a growing pressure on businesses to build a predictive and nuanced interaction through voice. This growth is owed to the increasing number of millennials with a healthy disrespect for conventional sales systems and has a lot of disposable income. Companies, ranging from healthcare, utilities to the public sector, have to understand the communication needs of the current generation.

The younger generation is reserved for communicating with big corporations through text messages and chats. As neurolinguistics and speech recognition continues to develop, natural communication between man and machine will become standard and familiar. In turn, there will be an increase in the number of people who will place their orders through voice assistants.

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