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Common Barriers to a Coaching Culture and How to Overcome Them



While coaching can play a vital role in an organization’s development today, some perceived barriers to it need to be considered, and which are very valuable to understand and need to be addressed to increase the success potential of any company or organization’s development strategy.

Below are a few examples of the barriers to effective coaching and how to overcome them.

Lack of Understanding of the Values of Coaching

In many organizations, Coaching for the simple sense of learning and development itself isn’t present at all, this leads to coaching being disregarded as a time-wasting endeavor and therefore totally misunderstood. So for coaching to succeed, all stakeholders have to form and to have a deeper understanding of what coaching means for an individual and the company creating a common language and clear approach to it.

Stubbornness and Resistance to Change

This is most prevalent in organizations where some employees have been at their jobs for a longer time and have been set to do their work in their ways. It’s common in older companies that have old people working for them and don’t feel the need to be trained or coached by younger people in management positions. To curb this inevitable human behavior at workplaces, the company`s top management has to come up with distinct measures to win them over and make them understand that it is for their benefit.

Lack of Direct Leadership From the Top

Top Leadership that is overly passive cannot get the job done. That`s why leaders have to be always present and be involved in all aspects of coaching to motivate employees and giving them the confidence they require to be better and press on.

Incorrect Matching of Coaches and Learners

Some companies or organizations view coaching as an expensive activity and don’t take keen measures in employing qualified or trained coaches to undertake the process. It’s therefore important to identify and select people who are experts in the field or who have previously undergone the coaching experience and have some degree of good communication skills to help the process have better meaning.

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