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The Rise of the Freelancer



The role of freelancers is getting steadily larger in the industries of countries across the world, and the United Kingdom is no exception. To cite just one company as an example, Google’s UK-based workforce consists of 50% freelancers, and given the ever-growing scale of freelance employment it seems likely that we will soon see that percentage expand to more than half. Meanwhile, an IPSE report published on June 9 revealed that freelancers in the UK contributed £119 billion to the country’s economy across 2016.

With the British economy facing an uncertain future due to the impending arrival of Brexit, freelance workers in various disciplines will play a vital role in keeping the country stable. Part of this will be due to the disruptions in travel that will almost certainly arise from Brexit. Companies will be looking for ways to cross geographic borders, and online relationships with networks of freelancers are an efficient method of doing so.

As any successful business will know, attracting the best freelancers for the job and ensuring that they remain is a difficult process that requires care and attention. Because of this, it will be imperative that British corporations have a solid framework in place that will allow them to make the most of freelancers. Companies that neglect this duty and ignore the role of freelancers in today’s business landscape will be at a grave disadvantage — something that, with so many question marks hanging over the future of the British economy, no business can afford.

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