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Cleaning Customer Data in Time for GDPR Compliance



Even with overflowing options of management and data cleansing solutions available, 9 in 10 (91.4 per cent) of the UKs marketers and CIOs confess that their organisations are still  regularly hit with data quality issues. With new EU General Data Protection Regulations (EU GDPR) coming into effect in May 2018, businesses are preparing so as to avoid the heightened regulatory and monetary consequences of data issues.

Intending to bolster and harmonise laws on data protection across the European Union, and taking effect in 12 months, the figure of GDPR on the horizon has many companies concerned. Royal Mail Data Services found in their recent annual survey of marketing data professionals that up to 58 percent of companies are concerned about their failure to meet new regulations, whilst 43 percent voice worries about data sourced from third parties.

In response, what action can CIOs take to guarantee the accuracy and compliance of their customer data in approach to the EU’s looming deadline?

Mapping data flows

Successfully meeting the new GDPR standards requires the greater orchestration of data-capturing channels. With data incoming from a variety of digital and face-to-face sources, the onus on managing this data is often divided between multiple departments and figures, leading to less refined results in data’s collection and cleansing. To combat this inefficiency, the mapping of incoming data flows grants CIOs a wide view over their collected data’s management and cleansing from across the business. With this in place it becomes much easier for experts to combat siloed work processes and standardise the treatment of customer data across the business.

Customer consent under GDPR

Rather surprisingly, Royal Mail’s survey found that only 52 percent of marketers possessed plans to easily seek updated permission from customers for the use of this data. This process must however start sooner than later.

GDPR will no doubt have a transformative effect on the handling of customer data, but preparation, coupled with optimised management and permission strategies should ensure a smooth transition.

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