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Connections Can Transform How Financial Firms Look at Data



Making meaningful connections amongst the massive volume of data in financial service firms is about to transform the effectiveness of their performances in a largely disrupted marketplace. By using innovative graph technology that is capable of making connections between apparently unrelated points, companies can gain a much greater understanding of their data. Its power has already been harnessed by Google where there is a vastly improved acceleration of searches amongst web pages compared to the column system of traditional databases. Graph databases have the freedom to search for individual nodes or entities, creating related patterns at incredible speed.

Fighting Fraud

In the financial sector, graph technology can provide immense insights into data, revealing fraudulent activity, money laundering and weaknesses in cyber-defence mechanisms. The system uses real-time graphs to connect unrelated incidents and identify the synthetic identities of sophisticated cyber-criminals. Graph technology can connect the complex, meandering routes taken in money laundering that have hitherto been almost impossible to detect.

Financial Assets

Financial firms can also benefit from the superior connections of graph technology to efficiently correlate duplicated, interdependent data embedded in a company’s infrastructure. It benefits regulatory compliance and use real-time formulations to calculate the ratios of risks and rewards, helping to accelerate data-driven projects.

Improved Infrastructure

IT systems in finance include multiple servers, subnets, virtual and physical networks, often with vulnerable connections. Graph technology has the power to identify the haphazard patterns of a burgeoning cyber-attack from unrelated activities. It can also streamline a company’s infrastructure including, management, downtime and impact analysis systems. Graph technology rapidly collates vast amounts of complex customer data, enabling financial institutions to gain the progressive flexibility needed to provide a superior customer service.

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