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Several Cyber Security Layers are Needed: Pro’s React to Carphone Warehouse Data Breach



Statistics show that data breaches have increased by 40% since 2015. The increasing amount of large-scale breaches show that not only are the number of breaches rising but they are increasing in severity as well. The latest victim of a security breach is Carphone Warehouse in which hackers gained access to personal and bank information of about 2.4 million customers. Clients with accounts at,, and may also be affected.

Here’s what experts have to say on what must be done to avoid a security breach.

Mike Spykeman, the Vice President at OPSWAT says that security breaches can happen at any time. while Carphone Warehouse had some of its information encrypted, a lot of personal data was not. He suggests that for companies to be successful in avoiding cyber-attacks, they should make sure that they have strong defences. This includes installing several cybersecurity layers like advanced threat protection, device monitoring and management, and scanning different anti-malware engines.

The Global Director at HP Security Voltage, Mark Bower, stresses the importance of encrypting contemporary data and tokenising all sensitive fields in thwarting advanced attacks that remove sensitive data from memory. Modern encryption and tokenisation techniques are mostly used by leading banks, payment processors, and retailers as they render the information useless to hackers yet functional to business needs.

Mr. Bower adds that securing client and card information can help businesses avoid redundant decryption required by older database encryption methods. The information can stay safe in use, in motion, at rest, and stays secure even if stole.

Mark Bower concludes by reminding businesses that it is infeasible to break peer-reviewed and modern vetted data encryption. In addition to being hard to hack, he says that the data can be retrofitted to other systems without complications and business alterations. Hackers who have useless information they can’t monetise often move on to other targets.

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