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Mumsnet’s Breach Confirms Bank-Style Security Will Become the Norm



Over the years, the online world has become vulnerable to all types of cyber-attacks prompting sites to come with solid ways to step up their security. The recent attack on Mumsnet has spurred the debate on how companies can secure their online assets.

According to Barry Scott, CTO EMEA, Centrify, the answer lies in increased cybersecurity. He says that Mumsnet is a popular site and some hacker can trick users to enter their usernames and passwords on a fake website that looks like it. This can be done by the use of a code that redirects users on another site or a phishing attack. Users enter their details in good faith into a phishing site and the hacker uses the passwords to access user details on the real website.

Mumsnet came under the Heartbleed attack in 2014. However, there is the chance that some login details were not changed a year down the line. Therefore, the same security problems may occur this year or in the future.

How Websites can Improve Their Internet Security

First, users should keep basic password rules – they should change passwords regularly and not use the same passwords on multiple sites. They should also use complicated passwords that cannot be guessed with ease. (Numbers, pets name, baby’s name or the birthday can be guessed with ease).

Barry also suggests the use of multi-factor authentication, where anyone that tries to log in with the correct username and password would need to confirm on a registered phone that they are the real users. This way, even if hackers steal passwords, they would also need to have access the users’ phones to log into the account. The use of these features on Mumsnet and other sites point to a scenario where bank-style security will be the norm for websites. It remains to be seen if users will find the measures too much of a hassle and avoid such sites, or the increased security will outweigh the inconvenience caused.

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