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Next Generation Workers Demand Next Generation Technology



Almost 50% of CEOs who have cancelled key strategic initiatives in recent months consider a shortage of skills to be responsible. The financial sector is particularly pressurised, with an inability to recruit accountants. But is it only a lack of skills that many high-powered businesses face? As Millennials continue to enter the workplace, many companies are finding this new generation often display an innate criticism of ‘antiquated’ technology. Raised on futuristic PCs and iPhones, they demand the latest in digitalisation and are prepared to reject any job that doesn’t offer it. At least 40% of CEOs proffer a pessimistic scenario where the challenge to recruit talented professionals will only get worse.

Rewarding Careers

Next generation workers are due to account for 50% of a global workforce that is more mobile than any other. 90% take it for granted that they will frequently move to new companies around the world and more disturbingly, 48% who have only just been appointed admit they are actively seeking their next placement. 55% considered they had already compromised by accepting their current positions. Businesses facing an uphill struggle with such a demanding workforce can only hope their transition to digitalisation will mollify their younger generation of employees enough to stay put.


More than 50% of Millennials use electronic communication in all aspects of office life. Some even claim to feel uncomfortable during face-to-face meetings. Their reliance on technology is paramount. Many ‘stone age’ companies are slowly realising their next generation of professionals are already leaving for their far-flung, technologically advanced competitors. Businesses can only strive to install, at a frantic pace, the very latest in digitalisation technology in a desperate bid to entice the next generation of talent.

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