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The Challenges Facing IT in Tech Centric Business Environment



IT has long since held an important role in most modern businesses, but it is not without its flaws. For those in a technology business environment there are a multitude of points to consider, both when implementing new IT technologies and in keeping abreast of existing business software.

Cyber Security

Last year a report showed that two-thirds of large scale UK businesses had experienced a cyber attack of some kind. This type of fraud is dangerous both for your customers and for the reputation of your company. Imagine, if you will, your database holds 100,000 client’s personal details. During a cyber attack each client’s personal details are vulnerable and can be stolen and used for nefarious deeds. Should your clients discover the leak was down to a lack of investment on your businesses part, the financial implications can be dire. A study from Oxford Economics and security firm CGI found that an average decline of 1.8% share price is the norm after such breaches.

It goes without saying then, that cyber security remains an area where funding cannot be scrimped upon.

Staff Training

IT is an evolving creature, but a software’s usefulness is very much determined by the understanding of the user. Basic IT training is a necessity for any employee, but as new software is developed and new skills are learned by your competitors it is vital that your existing staff keep up. Here in the UK a CIPD report suggests that personal development in the workplace is inadequate due to lack of investment. Whereas other areas of Europe invest more.

Investing in IT training will not only improve your staff knowledge, but by proxy, ensure that the IT systems in your business are competitive and right for you.

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