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App-ageddon Looms for IT Departments



A recent 451 Global Research Survey funded by Kony, Inc. reveals an increasingly growing market for innovative mobile business applications. The IT management, IT growth, ane corporate professional survey revealed that over half of the 480 participants, coming from North America, Europe, and Australia, plan to use ten or more mobile enterprises over the next two years.

It also finds, however, that, because of budget and resource constraints, skills shortages, outdated infrastructure, global technology instability, and fragmented cycle workflows, IT departments are not prepared to meet the market for mobile applications. As a result, many businesses search for external capital to satisfy mobile apps market demand.

“New mobile apps are in strong demand, companies are expanding beyond core functions, applications silos, but when it comes to mobile app techniques, enterprises are still very much in the early stages,” said Chris Marsh, lead analyst, 451 Research. “IT is in charge, even though the organization needs feedback and improved collaboration, for most mobile internal application creation, technology procurement, and project management. The business line is now starting to add a great deal of support to the debate.

The study reveals that customer service management applications for sales, marketing as well as services, consumer engagement, including employee productivity apps, are the forms of mobile apps that are in the highest demand by businesses in all sectors, plus healthcare, financial services.

In the bulk of its internal mobile app growth, a growing number of companies are pursuing IT. But the technology mix is more complicated than IT alone, with 42 percent of the production of mobile apps outside IT.

The global demand for connectivity for business is projected to expand by 2019 nearly quadrupled from $72 billion to $284 billion, “said Dave Shirk, Product and Marketing President Kony, Inc.” The businesses must be ready to meet this mobile’s business requirement to efficiently manage and lead activities by keeping them in line with business lines, IT Developers, and IT managers. Kony has successfully helped world-leading companies use connectivity effectively as a catalyst for company growth as their most significant use of mobility as a catalyst for business innovation.

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