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Twitter Share Price Outlook: Small Business Channel and CEO Focus



When Twitter released its quarterly accounts for the autumn of 2015, there were mixed reactions from its shareholders as the company’s share price was once again below strength. It appears that the appointment of Jack Dorsey as CEO has had little impact on changing Twitter’s fortunes with critics blaming his involvement with supervising Square as a prime reason for a lack of forward planning.

Twitter Innovation

However, it’s not all bad news as Twitter has only recently developed several innovative features that could help to prevent the company’s decline. One feature that is capitalising on a general social media trend is its use of video. It should immediately improve both the quality of engagement for its users and encourage lucrative, large scale advertising. Another innovation is the introduction of Twitter Moments. The feature enables users to easily follow a particular topic as opposed to an account. A short time in the future, Twitter will also be launching Promoted Moments that provide video narratives to add interest and diversity. In addition, Twitter’s legion of nine million businesses in the small to medium size bracket must surely be viewed as a substantial endorsement of its new business marketing channel.

Twitter’s Future

In spite of all these developments, some shareholders are alarmed at Twitter’s apparent decline. They are urging the CEO to follow up the promises he made to increase the pace of Twitter’s future development. Many shareholders believe the company needs to concentrate its efforts into creating a clearly defined vision of its future aims. They are hoping Twitter adopts a much more streamlined and simplified development strategy to engage users in the immediate future to prevent a further reduction in share price.

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