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Cloud Platform to Harness Oxford Uni’s Combined Brain Power



Sounds like something from sci-fi movie – using the brain power generated by the intelligence of students and lecturers at one of the country’s top universities to provide digital solutions to issues and to power innovative digital projects.

Oxford University is the educational powerhouse providing the brain power for the platform, which will initially be used as part of the University’s IT Capital Fund – specifically for the IT Innovation Seed Fund Challenge, which aims to encourage and nurture small IT projects. Following this, Oxford Ideas, as the venture will be known, will be opened to the 40,000 students at staff, inviting their input.

It is anticipated that the project will get off to a good start, with funding ready for a healthy queue of applications – ten from members of staff and five from students – already in the pipeline ready when the program is ready to get started.

The premise of the project is to solve issues faced by the University of Oxford as a whole, with all students and staff invited to provide their input, ideas and solutions. Discussion and refinement of the ideas by some of the best minds in the world are expected to have a pleasingly galvanic influence in getting problems solved and projects underway for application in the world outside the university.

Oxford Ideas is powered by Wazoku’s Ideas Spotlight, following the trend of using many people’s smallish contributions to achieve large goals – mainly in the form of crowdfunding to achieve a financial goal – except in this case it could perhaps be called ‘cloud’ funding. The program will be watched with great interest by the management software’s CEO, Simon Hill, who observed that harnessing the collective might of Oxford’s minds has long been a dream – seeing it come to fruition, will be of great interest to many.

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