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What Is Hybrid Cloud Technology?



The term “hybrid cloud technology” refers to a combination of two or more differing IT solutions, including public and/or private based clouds, to achieve the best performance for an individual business. Solutions can range from the use of public IaaS, PaaS and SaaS to private clouds and dedicated infrastructures which may be hosted remotely or on site. Combining solutions with such differing attributes can however give rise to potential issues which should be carefully considered before moving to a hybrid cloud IT solution.


As individual cloud providers may make use of different management platforms and tools, integrating their particular offerings with other cloud platforms and technologies which utilise alternative policies and procedures can present difficulties. However, ensuring potential solutions share a common management platform will help with APIs and assist with both the needs of management and the handling of resources.


It will be necessary to consider the design and costs associated with the logical network topology, including firewalls and routing, as well as bandwidth, latency and reliability. Seek good advice from trusted advisors where needed and take a phased approach moving to a hybrid cloud solution in order to minimise any potential connectivity issues.


Innovations in security and compliance now make the public cloud offerings from major providers a safe and suitable place for most workloads. Use of advanced management tools has also made private clouds more secure meaning that, whilst the public cloud may currently remain unsuitable as a solution for regulated businesses within the financial services sector, a private cloud hybrid model may provide a viable solution where compliance issues are key to the business.

The way forward

Private hybrid models, coupled with management platforms to utilise cloud resources, are seen as being the solution for many businesses providing both flexibility and security.

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