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Lack of Diversity Threatens Innovation



Yesterday, 6 October 2016, the influential independent network, Tech London Advocates released a report, “Diversity in Tech, a Manifesto for London” on the diversity status of the technology industry in the country, and particularly in London.

The independent network of more than 3,600 technical experts cautions in their report, that the technology industry in the UK and London fails to recognise that there is a crisis of diversity in companies. The report raises concern that the current lack of diversity amongst the employees stifles innovation in the tech sector and is holding companies back.

According to the report it was established that approximately half of all the technology companies in London doesn’t deem it necessary to have diversity amongst their workforce as it doesn’t influence the growth of their companies. The report further highlighted the gender imbalance that exists in companies and found that of the 40,000 companies based in London approximately 1,000 has an exclusive male workforce which leads to a situation where an alternative view on innovation in the technology sector is not heard.

In the report, the founder of Tech London Advocates, Russ Shaw made the point that the secret at the heart of the fastest-growing industry in London, unfortunately, is the lack of diversity in tech. According to Shaw the responsibility to unlock growth, innovation and creativity by encouraging diversity rests on CEO’s, founders and entrepreneurs.

The CEO of Teen Tech and TV science presenter Maggie Philbin said that the technology industry must face up to the fact that they have a serious issue with diversity. According to her talent is continually being tripped up by social background, gender and disability.

The right doors should be opened to help young people and with the industry understanding both the potential and opportunities, everyone can be equipped to be part of the tech revolution.

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