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How CIOs can use Service Management to get the most of the Cloud



With the growing amount of cloud-based software that businesses use, CIOs probably find it more challenging to manage such software and provide users with complete support efficiently. In a Capgemini analysis of CIOs and IT policy-makers, 48 percent agree that their organization has more apps than is required, and 70 % believe that at most one-fifth of the app in their organization has similar characteristics and can be integrated.

The demand for cloud applications by users is significantly increased. Thus businesses need to explore how they can use IT service management (ISM) to optimize the cloud value and reduce their risk of cloud technology being increasingly adopted by Enterprise IT leaders. Nevertheless, organizations and IT must collaborate and coordinate for such services to be efficient. James Staten of Forrester Research explains how CIOs can plan and grow in the cloud inside the organization.

Surveys done by Forrester show that many IT companies – particularly SaaS-use cloud services, but tend to regard cloud services as lower than their internal deployments. This view is uninformed, unfortunately. Organizations with one of the most extensive cloud service background have been able to offer clouds superior to their conventional IT protection, performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

However, it only happens when an organization acknowledges that it has a clear obligation to design the service to achieve these objectives correctly. The fact of the matter is that enterprises and IT have to make the most of cloud computing, and that can only contribute to broad-based success through cooperation.

The biggest issue with cloud computing service is not about the infrastructure, but that the organization does not connect with IT. The position of the IT company does not threaten public cloud services; they only alter it.

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