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The Biggest Myths About 4G in the Enterprise



4G is becoming the next internet front for consumers and businesses alike. It is faster than 3G internet connectivity and offers several other benefits. However, there are several myths about the use of technologies in the business. Here are some of the biggest myths, along with the truth.

Myth: 4G is Only Available in Large Metros

While the 4G internet was first launched in large cities and metros, it does not mean that it is not available in other areas. Most providers are actively setting up the required infrastructure to have wide coverage of 4G internet. In fact, a good number of secondary and tertiary cities are now fully covered by 4G. Therefore, any business in these areas can enjoy higher speeds and reliability of the network. You can contact your internet provider for more information on 4G.

Myth: 4G will Be Too Expensive

Cost is a significant factor when any organisation is looking at new technologies and solutions. There is fear that the 4G might be very expensive for most of the businesses. A good number of companies are using data plans with monthly data limits. Therefore, most feel that if speeds were increased, these quotas would be used up very fast. However, this is further than the truth. Most providers are using flat-rate pricing for their 4G package. You just pick a bundle and enjoy unlimited internet.

Myth: Wired Networks are better

Given that the 3G network has been losing connectivity from time to time, most businesses do not feel safe with wireless technologies. However, the 4G LTE has been upgraded and densified to ensure reliability while delivering higher speeds than the former. Besides, unlike wired networks, which are prone to disruption due to vandalism or natural disasters such as flooding, 4G will work even when one booster station has been damaged. This gives it an edge over wired technologies.

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