article thumbnailMost organisations have set processes to follow when running internal projects, but as digital transformations touch so many areas across a business, they need to be treated differently.
article thumbnailA report from Barron's hints at a potential merger, and VOD outperforms the struggling market to start the week.
article thumbnailIt’s no secret that F1 has developed into an incredibly technology driven sport, with teams using the very latest developments in data insights and modelling for strategy planning.
Guess Who? The Game of Authentication
Monday, 12 September 2016
article thumbnailThe frustration of forgetting the fifty-fourth letter of your secret password never lessens. Thankfully, the rise of voice biometrics promises to end the long game of Guess Who during those...
article thumbnailAnalysts remain mixed over VOD and BT.A as rival telecoms both lose ground at the start of the week.
article thumbnailThe reality is that despite how much money, people, resources, and technology you apply to your cyber risks, you will never be bullet-proof.